RTS Compatible ADAM-M Frame

by Gilman Technologies, Inc. $ 12,690

M.C.O.T.S. - The RTS family of Digital Intercom Matrices is the most extensive, most widely used, most scalable and backwards-compatible line of intercoms in the world today. The high-end ADAM Matrix supports eight (16) to 880 users per system; 272 ports possible in just a seven (3) RU (Rack Units) frame.

Utilizing a patented TDM (Time Division Multiplex) technique, the ADAM grows linearly as users are added. The system comes standard with redundant power supplies, and supports a hot spare controller, allowing for automatic fail-over.

The ADAM-M is available with a wide variety of Interface cards, including the MADI-16, OMI-16/32/48/64, AIO-16, and RVON-16 VoIP interfaces. It also has the wide variety of cabling options, including RJ-11, RJ-45, DE-9.

With its second generation controller card, Ethernet connectivity is achieved between the ADAM Intercom and AZedit. The ADAM-M can support 32 simultaneous AZedit sessions.  


  • 8 GPIO's Standard per Frame
  • Compatible with most all Current & Legacy RTS Digital Matrix Intercom Keypanels & Accessories
  • Dual-Purpose Ports Support Keypanel or Four-Wire balanced Audio
  • Supports Fully Redundant Power Supplies & Controllers
  • Individual Cross-Point Level Controls
  • Integrated Support for RTS Intelligent Trunking
  • Multi-Level IFB, ISO, Party Lines, Groups, and GPI's all STANDARD
  • Non-Volatile Configuration & Crosspoint Memory
  • RealTime Online Configuration & Monitoring
  • RTS UPL (User-Programmable Language) for Custom System Configurations via Pull-down Menus
  • Supports 16 to 448 users per system based on 3 RU frame(s)
  • Supports Custom Cards for Widely Used Industry Interface
  • Widest Variety of Interface Cards in the Industry
  • Widest Variety of Wiring Options in the Industry
  • Balanced, Line-Level Analog solutions
  • Audio-over-IP based solutions
  • Voice-over-IP based solutions
  • Supports keypanels over 1000 feet from the ADAM-M

Please note that delivery on M.C.O.T.S. products may take up to 90 days.

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