RTS Compatible 1 RU Telephone Interface

by Gilman Technologies, Inc. $ 2,922

P.O.T.S. Compatible Telephone Interface for the RTS Matrix. Similar to the operation of a telephone Hybrid, this unit allows any keypanel user to dial directly from their keypanel without additional hardware such as a "princess" phone.


  • Auto or Manual Answer
  • Auto-Disconnect
  • Call in Directly to Party Line or IFB
  • Caller can be Locked to One Matrix Point
  • Caller may Change Presets
  • Caller may Select up to Seven T/L Assignments
  • Direct Audio Input Mixes with Matrix Audio
  • Downloadable Telephone System Configuration
  • Level Adjustments
  • Select Number of Rings Before Answer
  • Select Security Code or None
  • Up to 16 Panels May be Selected to Ring
  • Call indicator light displays on keypanels with assignment
  • Dial / Redial From keypanels
  • Call Number list accessible from keypanels

Please note that delivery on M.C.O.T.S. products may take up to 90 days.

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