GTi Goes to Superbowl 2014

The game may not have been very exciting to watch this year, but behind the scenes, there was a party going on as the COMMS team for Superbowl XLVIII celebrated their tremendous success at keeping the entire broadcast for FOX SPORTS on the air and communicating without a fumble.

Michael Gilman, CTO of Gilman Technologies, Inc., contracted with Game Creek Video to design and implement the expansive communication system to that would allow the entire television crew to stay in constant communication during the live broadcast on Fox.

Pre-game and post game broadcasts which included Fox Sports, ESPN, and the NFL Network were also a success due to this same team of dedicated engineers and consultants.  

Gilman was also proud to be apart of the big-event debut of OMNEO, a media networking architecture that works in conjunction with the ADAM Matrix system to provide low latency communication over longer distances.  Created and provided by RTS, a division of Bosch Security Systems, Inc., OMNEO was a game saver.

Congratulations Mike, the entire Superbowl XLVIII COMMS TEAM and RTS on a job well done!


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