About Us

There is a classic divide between people that design systems and people that use the systems in their daily lives. We bridge that divide by not only designing and installing communication systems but also being the primary operators of those systems. We actively participate as designers, installers and lead operators in some of the largest broadcast shows in the world such as the Superbowl and World Cup Soccer. Many installers can say that they've installed a tri-bus system but we've done in in a matter of hours in a parking lot under the deadline of a major broadcast event where there is little tolerance for mistakes. The event happens whether you are ready or not.

When you engage GTi you are working with the people that make it happen, not executives or salesmen that used to do that kind of work years ago and spend more time working on presentations than configuration software. It's why our training is some of the most sought after training in the world,  because it's based on decades of experience and long-time close relationships with key personnel at the manufacturers. We spend time in the field learning some of the most clever implementations of some of the newest technologies. We also spend time talking to the people that design the equipment to ensure that the implementations are correct and stable. This allows us to design systems that let you do things that give you a competitive edge. Contact us today for training, system design and installation. We can also support you on your next big event if you need us.


GTi is an official dealer for BOSCH Security Systems, Inc., specializing in the design, sales, service, and operation of both matrix and party line based communication systems.  With more than 20 years of field experience, GTi system designs are guaranteed real time communication systems providing non-blocking, zero latency performance, and are tailored for group collaborations in the areas of broadcast, medical, financial, education and more.  The results are faster, more effective, efficient and reliable methods of communication between group members allowing them to work as a cohesive whole and communicate at the speed of life.