3D Printing Fun - "The Batesy Awards"

Fun fact about GTI's talented CTO, Mike Gilman: He loves seeing what he can print out on his desktop 3D printer!

After a long ACC Football Season, Mike and the crew decided to have some fun at the last game of the season by bestowing a new award to various players, coaches and crew members.  

Named after the brilliant Sports Commentator, James Bates, "The Batesy" took 3D form and made it's television debut along with an honorary mic flag commemorating the 2014 season.

A short list of winners recently aired on ACC ALL ACCESS, with the full list set to be televised on Christmas Day during a special edition of ACC ALL ACCESS.

Thank you to the fantastic talent and crew for an excellent season!  

GTI is looking forward to working with each of you next year!


Commentators: Wes Durham and James Bates with the Batesy Mic Flag


SideLine Reporter: Jenn Hildreth with "The Batesy" 



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