• Chassis Guide Assembly (55355)

    $ 72 Matrix
    Chassis guide assembly with 20.93" mounting hole spacing
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  • M.C.O.T.S. - GTI RTS xcp32lmv51201

    $ 3,725 Matrix
    M.C.O.T.S. - RTS Compatible 32 Port DE-9 breakout panel. Features: Panel numbered for ports 1-32 Please note that delivery on M.C.O.T.S. products may take up to 90 days.
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  • M.C.O.T.S. - KP-5032-gtia

    $ 7,427 Matrix
    M.C.O.T.S. - KP-5032 Compatible with all current RTS matrices, ADAM-CS and most legacy matrices. Features: OMNEO Audio-over-IP low latency TCP/IP compatible network communications protocol RJ-45 and RJ-61 compatible analog con...
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  • M.C.O.T.S. - RTS Compatible 16-Port Front-card

    $ 12,662 Matrix
    M.C.O.T.S. - This product is based on the RTS AIO-16 Front-card for use in the RTS ADAM & ADAM-M Frame. Requires a compatible back-card ( GTI.160414.022.001 ) and optionally a breakout panel ( GTI.160414.018.001 ) to connec...
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  • M.C.O.T.S. - RTS Compatible GPIO-16

    $ 2,863 Matrix
     M.C.O.T.S. - 16 channel ( Relay Interface for Matrix ) Features: Configurable via AZ Edit control software Connected by DE-9 RS-485 Serial or RJ-45 Ethernet TCP/IP 10/100 Mbps connection speeds Up to 16 units supported per AD...
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  • M.C.O.T.S. - RTS Compatible Master Controller Breakout Panel

    $ 1,912 Matrix
    M.C.O.T.S. - RTS Master controller breakout panel Features: RS-232 Serial Control Interface RS-485 Serial Control Interface Program Assignment Panel Interface Seven Logical Input Interfaces Seven Logical Output Interfaces Ple...
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  • M.C.O.T.S. - RTS Compatible MDR Analog 16-port back-card

    $ 1,642 Matrix
    M.C.O.T.S. - 16 port analog expansion card for the ADAM-M frame using the MDR connection standard. Features: MDR interface for connectivity to breakout panel Discreet data paths for each keypanel to avoid data conflicts betwee...
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  • M.C.O.T.S. - RTS Matrix Compatible Master Controller Kit

    $ 9,951 Matrix
    Based upon the RTS MCII-e System controller card. Features include: TCP/IP Ethernet Interface RS-232/RS485 Serial Interfaces Up to 35 Simultaneous Control Sessions Hot Spare auto-failover Expandable through main data bus ...
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  • RTS Compatible 1 RU Telephone Interface

    $ 2,922 Matrix
    P.O.T.S. Compatible Telephone Interface for the RTS Matrix. Similar to the operation of a telephone Hybrid, this unit allows any keypanel user to dial directly from their keypanel without additional hardware such as a "princess...
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  • RTS Compatible ADAM-M Frame

    $ 12,690 Matrix
    M.C.O.T.S. - The RTS family of Digital Intercom Matrices is the most extensive, most widely used, most scalable and backwards-compatible line of intercoms in the world today. The high-end ADAM Matrix supports eight (16) to 8...
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  • RTS Compatible Load Card

    $ 487 Matrix
    M.C.O.T.S. - RTS Matrix load card Features: Power load balancing circuitry for systems with less than 4 cards Please note that delivery on M.C.O.T.S. products may take up to 90 days.
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  • SALE

    RVON-8 Card Kit

    $ 2,440 $ 4,067 Matrix
    This item is new from the factory. We purchased the last stock manufactured by RTS when they were discontinued. This is intended to work with an RTS ADAM frame. It is not recommended for use in the ADAM-M small form factor fram...
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