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GTi Broadcast Sports Beltpack / Microphone Holder

GTi Broadcast Sports Beltpack / Microphone Holder

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Keep your communication beltpacks and microphones looking good with a quick set, quick strike. These 3D printed Beltpack / Microphone holders are mounted to desk-edge or railing with just a couple of strips of 2-inch Gaffer's tape or similar ( 2-inch Crystal-Clear Gorilla Tape works well for wet environments ). They also feature two mounting holes for permanent mounting using drywall screws. These will accommodate many types of beltpacks including the slightly deeper RTS Roameo Packs.

3D Printing Notes - These items are printed in PLA which is an environmentally friendly plastic commonly made from corn. While PLA does degrade readily in a landfill environment, it holds up well for many years of use otherwise. If you look closely, you may notice some layer lines. We've found the slightly coarser print to be more durable in practice. Our design was originally put into use in 2014 and was slightly modified in 2020 for use with the RTS Roameo Beltpacks. We can print in an assortment of colors but flat ( stage ) black is the color we generally print them in.

Please note this item is for the plastic mount only and does not include tape or accessory hardware for mounting microphones.

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