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M.C.O.T.S. - RTS Compatible 16-Port Front-card

M.C.O.T.S. - RTS Compatible 16-Port Front-card

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M.C.O.T.S. - This product is based on the RTS AIO-16 Front-card for use in the RTS ADAM & ADAM-M Frame. Requires a compatible back-card ( GTI.160414.022.001 ) and optionally a breakout panel ( GTI.160414.018.001 ) to connect keypanels.


  • Support for 16 analog ports
  • Capable of supporting keypanels more than 1000 feet from the matrix
  • Advanced matrix support
  • Supports balanced, line-level audio input and output
  • Audio level gain controls

Please note that delivery on M.C.O.T.S. products may take up to 90 days.

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